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August 25 2016

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August 24 2016

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August 14 2016

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August 09 2016

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August 04 2016

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July 23 2016

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July 20 2016

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July 16 2016

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July 15 2016

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July 11 2016

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July 08 2016

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June 30 2016

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June 24 2016

Boiling coffee with a moka. A movie made with neutron images that shows the coffe making process. The movie was made by A. Kaestner, Neutron imaging and activation group, Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland. The cold neutron imaging beam line ICON was used. The movie is four times faster than in real time.
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June 21 2016

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June 14 2016

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June 10 2016

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June 07 2016

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